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    Alkaline Trio - Sorry About That

    Maybe I just set aside the fact that you were broken hearted, in my own special selfish way. And if I hadn’t set aside the fact that you were broken hearted, hell knows where your heart would be today. Maybe with me.

    it seems like it’s been so long
    since we kissed through the darkness until it was dawn

  4. Anonymous said: I just wanna express my frustration with this, but Domino's pizza boxes have portraits of cows on them and say "We dedicate this box to our unsung heroes - the dairy cows" and a bunch of other stuff that really makes me uncomfortable and I wish they wouldn't pay "homage" to the abused cows whose milk is stolen to make their cheese


    Jesus Christ I hate Domino’s. 

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    Nothing ever changes with white people and their support for killer pigs. 

    Pigs? That’s just offensive.

    Do not project the malice in humans onto animals; the latter are spoken of pejoratively for the traits that humans alone possess and exercise.  Cops, the army, they’re all fucking evil shites. Pigs? They get killed by humans for human greed. So, really, they’re accused of violent traits but are killed because they lack them and we possess them in abundance.

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  6. "I don’t understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives."
    — Dean Ornish, MD (via give-a-fuck-about-nature)

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  7. "You’re smart and you know what real food is, so stop eating crap."

  8. Anonymous said: 1. 4. 18. From the "Ask Me" post please?

    1. the meaning behind my URL: my URL is my way of imploring myself and others to “start yelling” about their beliefs, opinions, feelings, needs, wants, etc. the world needs more people to speak up.

    4. the last time i cried: i cried last week after one of my advanced women’s studies classes. as a social work/womens&gender studies student, i am bombarded with bad stuff all the time. I’m always learning about child abuse, sexual abuse, and general bad bad shit all the time. most of the time i feel empowered to take my privilege as an educated white person, and go out and help people and change things. just sometimes it can get really overwhelming :/

    18. phobias: i have a big phobia of spiders. i think a lot of people do…i just hate them. but i don’t want to kill them because that would be mean. I’m also really afraid of heights. 

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  10. "It is terrifying to think that one day you will trust somebody enough to let them see you naked. You will undress and remind them that you’ve stretch marks and birth marks and scars from having chicken pox when you were little and scars from all of the other things now. You will blush thousands of shades of red, painting yourself as a rose losing its petals. And that person - that person will take it all in. And I wonder if they will reassure you. But mostly, I wonder if they will even see anything worth reassuring you about. I hope they see each freckle on your back as if it’s a star and you are the whole universe to them."
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    Boys can marry Boys ! 

    Homophobie ist keine Meinung !

    “I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole!”

    -Morgan Freeman

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    Warning Signs of Satanic Behavior. Training video for police, 1990

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